Coolnomix - Air Cooling Energy Reduction Technology

In most air-conditioning applications a lot of energy is actually wasted because the unit’s compressor (the main running cost component) runs much longer than is needed.

Coolnomix AC-01 is a new replacement control system to substantially reduce running costs in fixed temperature compressor driven air conditioning equipment.

Coolnomix AC-01 is easily fitted to single and reverse cycle air conditioning installations in commercial and residential locations.


  • Reduced Power Consumption – by up to 30% and in some case, even higher
  • Minimized Running Cost – compared with the best modern inverter systems
  • Dual Temperature Sensor – delivering exceptional temperature stability
  • Auto Detection – of cooling and reverse cycle operation
  • Eliminates Dripping and Icing – even in very high humidity environment
  • Extends Lifespan – Extends Air Conditioner life by minimizing compressor run time

E-MAX - Power Saving Solution

E-MAX is the premier Electric Current Optimization system that compensates for energy that is normally lost in Alternating Current (AC) systems without dropping voltage. The main reactions within E-MAX occur between ceramic coatings, the E-MAX composite and the presence of the Alternating Magnetic Field (AMF) that accompanies all AC systems.

Far Infrared Ray that is emitted from the ceramic coatings activates the electrons in the E-MAX composite through Resonance Absorption.

A Magnetic Interaction occurs between the activated electrons of the E-MAX composite and the AMF. This magnetic interaction generates magnetic wave energy and supplies it to the AC circuit.


  • The Premier Electric Current Optimization System
  • Compensates the loss from resistance
  • Explores the potential electron movement
  • Does not consume electricity

EcoMesh - Air Cooling Chiller Energy Reduction Technology

EcoMESH is a unique mesh and water spray system that improves the performance of Air Cooled Chillers, Dry Coolers and Refrigeration plant whilst reducing energy consumption by up to 44%.

EcoMESH has been fitted to units worldwide where its patented water spray technology eliminates problems and once fitted is virtually maintenance free.


  • Easy Retrofit – Can be retro fitted to any model, make and size of air conditioning and refrigeration unit. It will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Quick Payback – Typical payback period from installation is 21 weeks. Peak savings can be as much as 30-40%
  • Better Protection – Provides additional shading properties to cooling units
  • Minimized Water Use – Water consumption is minimised as the spray is intermittent and only activates when required
  • Maintenance Free – With no need for replacement nozzles or meshes. The system also reduces the maintenance frequency of the cooling unit.
  • Extends Lifespan – Extends compressor reliability and life with reduced refrigeration cycle head pressure and discharge temperatures